Etti Palitz Photography



I explore the universes within an object outside of its own environment into abstract realms. By using a macro lens and lighting through colored glass vessels and vases, I create dimension. This gives the image an organic form with a vibrant, illumination colored rays inside the glass. "Have respect for the abstract. It will take you far."

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul"
(Concering the Spiritual Art
- Wassliy Kandinsky, Artist



Quest Through A Crystal  1
Quest Through A Crystal 2
Quest Through A Crystal 3
Quest Through A Crystal  4
Quest Through A Crystal 5
Abstract In Glass 1
Abstract In Glass 2
Abstract in Glass 3
Abstract in Glass 4
Abstract  in Glass 5
Abstract  in Glass 6
Regarding Pain 1
Regarding Pain 2
Regarding Pain 3
Regarding Pain 4
Regarding Pain 5
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