Etti Palitz Photography

Breathing Life Through Glass with Color & Light

My journey into photography with glass began when I first observed the way the rays of the sun penetrated and traveled through a rose bowl my windowsill. The unique qualities of glass, its transparency and its potential for refracting and reflecting light, have held a magical fascination for me ever since.

This led to an exploration of projecting light through colored frosted or clear glass vessels, as well as illuminating glass with color ink mixed in water. I then began to layer other vases and vessels in all shapes, colors, and sizes, which I found in antique stores and markets to create dimension and depth.



By photographing different versions of the way the light moves, I conduct a photographic dialogue with the glass, revealing a pictorial world steeped in radiance. The result is the transformation of an ordinary object into a jewel-like receptacle for light. By using the consistency of tungsten lights as opposed to flash, I discovered I was able to re-create the continuous quality of sunlight in my studio at night. I began to shine this light on flowers, glass, and other objects according to my needs. I continue to explore my mind's endless imagination, tapping into my subconscious through the camera, going beyond the concrete toward an infinite space, the mystical and the unseen.




"Everything becomes transparent to me through the eye of my camera. I photograph what I experience as it's happening and when I confront the image it's like awakening from a dream and I see it in full consciousness. I conduct an ongoing dialogue with glass and reveal a pictorial world steeped with light, color, and magic."


I see light's passage through glass as a symbol of life itself. Light encompasses all of the colors of human potential we aspire and hope for. A person experiences existence, forming one's character and personality by the amount of light they allow into his or her life.

Some of my photographs are part of a body of work that expresses my desire to find peace after the revolution of women's liberation, to find a new balance between the genders under the new rules that resulted. Through my work, I want to convey my wish that as men and women now face each other as equals, and have begun to address their differences, we finally stand a chance of finding transcendent unity in diversity and a balance of power and vulnerability.

These images are meditative moments of inner feelings illuminated, which lead me to create purely lyrical and luminous images inside the glass. I see my photography as a dance of light and color, an act full of life.

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