Etti Palitz Photography
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Ellie Gustafson- Feng Shui Interior Designer " Initially I was concerned with the lines showing on my face, but in no time I was grabbed by the true light and the inner self you had captured with your camera. I looked beautiful ... "
Kim McSparran - Designer "The truth is Etti sees the beauty in everything, men & women, children, flowers & glass...She captures her subjects in a beautiful light."
Katherine Hausman, Medusa's Heirlooms Pres. Art Deco Society of NY "Etti is an 'Artiste Photographer', her pictures are like paintings. Her images are timeless statements & visualizations of beauty. She photographs through her heart."
Francky - Francky L'Official, Paris
Howard Bezoza, MD , Harper's Bazaar "Who's healing Hollywood?" "Whenever I've had pictures taken I've been disappointed. Etti's proofs...provided a new problem - too many great shots. I can't get over how wonderful I looked."
Howard Bezoza, MD