ETTI PALITZ photography
Commercial Photography In Love With New York Flowers After Dark Glass & Light Surrealism Abstract In Glass



My method, of photographying through glass vases, offers clients a new way of presenting their products,
one that will entice, captivate, and inspire the imagination of their customers.
The result is a transformation of an ordinary image into a jewel-like receptacle for light.

"On behalf of Lalique, I would like to thank you for the magnificent
photography which you provided for the first issue of Lalique Society Magazine."

-Margot Olcay, Lalique Representative
Lalique Society Magazine, Cover Image
Lalique Bacchantes Vase
Lalique Society Magazine, Cover Image
Lalique Ravelana
Lalique Cherub Detail
Baccarat Crystal Dog
Lalique Bacchantes Vase
Tatiana, Eue d'Parfume,  
(DVF) Diane Von Furstenberg
Eroica, Bicentennial French Revolution commemorative piece depicting a woman holding the flame of triumphant liberty. Photo for Lalique.
Lalique Society  Magazine, Double Page Spread
Lalique Vase Biches
Lalique Vase Biches, Double Page Spread
Lalique Trophy
Stuban Glass
Kosta Boda Candle  Holder
Tiffany & Co Pearls
Golden Bird Rising 
(Lalique Martinets Vase)
Dream Bird Rising
(Lalique Martinets Vase)
Blue Bird Rising
(Lalique Martinets Vase)
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